James Walker Introduces Supagraf HT High Performance Packing for Critical Valves

Supagraf HT is one of James Walker’s high performance packings suitable for critical valves handling various high temperature media such as molten salt used in solar, nuclear, chemical, energy storage, and hydrogen production industry sectors.

Premium grade unique and bespoke combination set construction comprising of high temperature mechanically stable intermediate and end ring DS Pro spacers supported by high purity graphite-based intermediate packing rings.

Graphite rings: High performance packing braided from high purity 98% exfoliated dry graphite yarn with passive corrosion inhibitor, reinforced with fine Inconel wire and free from all other additives or dispersions in order to maximize temperature and corrosion resistance capabilities. Graphite base material conforms to Shell material specification MESC SPE 85/204.

DS Pro spacers: Precision cut spacers made of state-of-the-art material designed for electro-mechanical and thermo-mechanical applications with excellent resistance to heat and open flame up to 1000°C (1832°F). Excellent electrical insulation and high resistance to pressure as well as impervious to most chemicals such as molten salt. The product has improved dimensional stability at high temperatures, low water absorption and is asbestos free, ecologically safe and non-toxic. Typically of 2-3 mm thickness and in multiple layers, customized to valve stuffing box geometry and design.

Courtesy of James Walker.

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