Improving SCADA Operations Using Wireless Instrume

Control Microsystems Inc. (CMI), a global developer of advanced SCADA solutions, has published “Improving SCADA Operations Using Wireless Instrumentation,” a non-commercial white paper that shows how Integrating wireless instrumentation with SCADA systems can drive operational efficiency and reduce deployment costs. SCADA engineers and operators are facing the challenge of integrating wireless instrumentation networks with other communication infrastructure available in the field. Managing and debugging dispersed wireless networks presents a new level of complexity to field operators that could deter them from adopting wireless instrumentation. By eliminating cabling and trenching, you can dramatically reduce the cost of deployment by as much as 70%. Wired systems can take days or weeks to be properly installed. Battery powered wireless instruments require only the sensor to be installed in the process, saving hours or days and valuable resources. Other instruments can be added as needed. This paper describes the reasons why companies remain reluctant to use wireless instrumentation and the advances in wireless technology and SCADA software that solve wireless integration problems.

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