IMI Critical Announces Collaboration with FAC in South America

IMI Critical Engineering has announced a new agent collaboration with FAC Engenharia to offer high-quality and efficient flow control solutions for oil and gas customers and their partners in Brazil, as it works to strengthen its position in South America.

FAC Engenharia has extensive reach across Espirito Santo, the South of Bahia State and part of Minas Gerais State, focusing on oil and gas, chemical plants, papermills and mining.

IMI Critical selected FAC as a partner because of its ability to reach both refineries and mining operations in Espirito Santo, as well as offering increased levels of support to customers in the region.

The collaboration means FAC Engenharia will sell products and services from IMI Critical Engineering brands, including IMI CCI, IMI Fluid Kinetics, IMI Orton, IMI STI, providing extensive on-site support.

Kevin McKown, Americas President for IMI Critical Engineering, said: “Our collaboration with FAC Engenharia acts as a bridge into the Brazilian market as we grow our presence both in South America, and Brazil in particular.

Courtesy of IMI Critical Engineering.

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