IMI CCI products complete nuclear qualification

An extensive range of products from IMI CCI, part of IMI Critical Engineering, has successfully undergone qualification to an exacting international nuclear industry standard.
The IMI CCI control valves and pneumatic actuators have been qualified to the requirements of ASME QME-1 2007, Qualification of Active Mechanical Equipment used in nuclear power plants, which also incorporates the applicable requirements of IEEE 382, NRC requirements, and ASME Section III. The testing included shaker table, steam, imposed loads and radiation, with compliance with EPRI TR-107322, Air Operated Valve Evaluation also demonstrated.
Valve sizes up to 500mm and larger were also qualified. These valves include trim options that allow the unique characterisation that modifies flow versus stroke for all applications. Noise, cavitation and tight leakage control in both flow directions are additional benefits.
Actuator sizes up to 400 square inch (0.26 sq. m) under 125 psi (0.86 MPa) pressure with large springs are covered by the qualification, with testing with and without manual override also included. The actuators incorporate double piston designs to accommodate a large range of valve strokes.
The equipment has been qualified to 6 g in all three directions for seismic events and vibration for a 60-year life. Radiation includes design basis accident conditions up to 5 million rads.

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