High pressure control valves ideal for chemical in

Badger Meter’s latest addition to its control valve range is the Type HP-60, an ultra-high pressure control valve designed to operate on applications with up-stream pressures of up to 60,000psi. Available in the UK through liquids handling specialists Pump Engineering, the Type HP-60 control valve utilises a 17-4 PH body along with a solid Stellite inner valve assembly.


The HP-60 valve is ideal for use in industrial research and process pilot plants on liquids and gases, with typical applications being chemical injection, for example, in the production of high-pressure low-density polyethylene (HPLDPE).

Standard features include a pressure rating of up to 60,000psi (4135 Bar) at 100º F, a wide range of interchangeable trims, choice of linear or quick opening trims, ANSI Class lll shutoff (size P-1 through P-9) and ANSI Class lV shutoff (size K through O). The inner valve (plug and seat) is constructed from solid Stellite. Titanium Nitride-coated Stellite is also available as an option. Standard packing is Torlon/PFA CV rings.

The valves can be supplied with standard (air-to-open, air-fail-close, air-to-close, air-fail open) actuators. Stainless steel actuators with integral top-mounted or side-mounted positioners are also available. A wide range of accessories such as filter regulators, gauges, I/P converters, limit switches and solenoids are also offered.
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