Helios Technology Executing Augmented Strategy; Opens New Balboa Facility in Mexico

Helios Technologies, Inc., a global leader in highly engineered motion control and electronic controls technology, announced its operating company Balboa will host its official ribbon cutting ceremony, unveiling a 68,000 square foot expansion of its Tijuana, Mexico facility. Ambassadors from the Company as well as esteemed local officials of Tijuana will be on hand to witness the ceremony. 

In response to the growth opportunities for products from its Electronics segment, Helios has expanded into a newly constructed building adding 68,000 square feet of capacity to its existing 198,000 square foot facility. While water-based technology and software solutions remain at the core of Balboa’s expertise, the new facility supports the future growth of the Balboa business along with Helios’ overall Electronics segment, which also includes Enovation Controls and i3 Product Development. As a part of Helios’ ‘in the region for the region’ manufacturing and operating strategy, several Enovation products are already being manufactured at Balboa and this capacity expansion will enable further room for growth as Helios continues to become a global integrated operating company. The expanded space will also be leveraged for growth in intra- and inter-segment system sales, wire harnessing, and innovative product development. It showcases the Company’s dedication to strengthening its leadership positions in its respective end markets while leveraging those strengths to collectively advance its technological capabilities. This will enable Helios to offer even more innovative solutions to diversified end markets. 

Helios’ dedication to innovation and excellence has been recognized with hundreds of active, and recently filed patents and trademarks. These patents showcase a commitment to pushing the boundaries and introducing new and groundbreaking solutions. The Company’s collection of intellectual property rights, trade secrets, and manufacturing know-how built from decades of operation is a testament to its commitment to deliver technology solutions to customers that ensure safety, reliability, connectivity, and control. 

Courtesy of Helios Technology. 

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