Garlock launches redesigned butterfly valves

The Garlock family of companies announced the return of their original line of butterfly valves and the launch of new product. The line includes four chemically resistant butterfly valve designs with ultra-low fugitive emissions and improved reliability for use with corrosive and abrasive media and a wide range of accessories.

All four Garlock butterfly valves feature a new ultra-low fugitive emission design, compliant with ISO 15848-1 Leakage Rate A, as-well-as TA-Luft, and are certified as suitable for use in an SIL 3 environment. The GAR-SEAL butterfly valve is designed for use where corrosive, abrasive and caustic materials are present. STERILE-SEAL valves, which allows for external sterilisation of the valve without contacting the media contained within the system, are intended for use where strict sterile requirements are present, particularly in the pharmaceutical and food and beverage production industries. The SAFETY-SEAL butterfly valve is designed for use where electrostatic charges must be negated in corrosive or toxic media piping arrays. The MOBILE-SEAL is applicable for tanker vehicles, railway cars, silos and other chemical media storage containers where specialised safety requirements and high dependability are necessary.

The newly redesigned Garlock butterfly valve line is available with a wide-range of liner options, including PTFE, abrasive PTFE, antistatic PTFE and UMPE.

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