Flowrox Scaling Watch for imaging pipe scaling

Flowrox launched its Flowrox Scaling Watch this June 2014 during the Flowrox Sales Conference. Flowrox Scaling Watch is an accurate solution for online, pipe scaling or fouling measurement. The system monitors scaling thickness and growth online and calculates free volume index, which informs how much free space still exists in a process pipe.

In addition to Finland, the new product has been pre-marketed in USA, South Africa and Australia. The latest Flowrox Scaling Watch sold in Finland was assembled to the customer production line just before the sales conference. Assembling Flowrox Scaling Watch in the process brings remarkable savings to the customer. The system enables optimizing the process and dosing the chemicals and increases the operational reliability of the plant.

Flowrox Scaling Watch is targeted to the customers who suffer from scaling in different phases of their process. This device makes it possible to dose anti-scaling chemicals more accurately and gain remarkable savings. Flowrox Scaling Watch also makes it possible to optimize process and prevent the unexpected downtime in production.

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