Federal showcases filling solutions at Pack Expo

Headquartered in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Federal Manufacturing will be demonstrating its level filling machine with new patent pending valve at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015, September 28-30. Federal designs and manufactures bottle filling and capping systems for a wide range of industries, including dairy/beverage, foods, paint, chemical, household products, pharmaceutical and petroleum.
The new 10-valve, hygienic level filler with a four-head capper is designed to enable specialty dairy and juice companies to cost effectively move to the next higher level of production and distribution. The new filler uses an innovative Federal valve that speeds up cleaning and offers extended product life and low maintenance.
The new valve is fast cleaning and designed to operate with new lighter weight, more sustainable packaging. Traditionally filling valves for packaging milk and juice are held closed by a spring and compressed rubber arrangement. When a bottle rises and makes contact with the valve, it compresses the spring and must withstand a certain amount of pressure. As bottles become more lightweight, they often cannot resist that compression force. The new patent pending valve relies on gravity alone to keep the valve closed and works well with light weight packaging. 
The new filler, can run packaging as large as a gallon-and-a-half and as small as six ounces. Gallon-and-a-half sized containers can be run at speeds up to 40 a minute: Smaller sizes at up to 180 a minute. The new filler’s small footprint provides the ultimate in flexibility, making it ideal for facilities with limited floor space. With its monoblock construction, the filler and capper are integrated on one machine base.

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