Exchangeable modular dispensing valve

Nordson EFD, a Nordson company, introduced the PICO xMOD valve, a new, fully exchangeable and modular concept in non-contact and contact needle dispensing of assembly fluids. Nordson EFDʼs PICO xMOD valve system technology uses high-tech, robust, durable piezoelectric actuation technology for continuous operation at speeds of up to 500 cycles/second. The PICO xMOD can produce deposits as small as 2nL at high production speeds, with exceptional deposit accuracy and superior process control. The non-contact jet valve makes it possible to apply fluid in hard-to-access areas or onto uneven or delicate substrates for applications in electronics, automotive, life sciences, solar, and a range of other industrial dispensing applications.

All five major xMOD valve components – the Piezo Actuator (PA), the Valve Seat (VS), the Fluid Body (FB), the Cartridge ball/stem assembly (CR), and Heater Set (HS) – are interchangeable and easily assembled for each specific application and quickly disassembled for easy cleaning, repair or maintenance. Each part can be removed and exchanged in seconds, eliminating production downtime and increasing productivity.

Each EFD PICO xMOD component can be individually selected to accommodate particular fluids and applications. All the components are engineered to work together as a complete, integrated system that produces exceptionally fast, accurate deposits of a wide range of fluids.
Industries and applications for PICO xMOD dispense valve include wireless and display, electronics, life sciences, medical devices and automotive.
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