Emerson launches new salinity system

Emerson Automation Solutions, headquartered in St. Louis, MO, has introduced the Roxar Salinity Measurement System for the sensitive, accurate and real-time measurement of saline water in gas production well streams.

The new system is designed to allow operators to identify changes in the flow stream and the smallest amounts of saline water at never previously achieved levels of sensitivity. This aims to enable the operator to take immediate remedial action to prevent threats to production, such as scaling, hydrate formation and corrosion. The onset of formation water and its salinity, if not controlled, can lead to well shutdowns and cost producers millions in unplanned shutdown time.

The system, which is a key element of the Roxar Subsea Wetgas Meter and is based on microwave (MW) resonance technology, and is designed to provide quantitative and qualitative real-time salinity measurements, particularly in the high gas volume fraction (GVF)/wet gas flows that characterize wet gas fields.

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