Emerson Helps Simplify, Close Loop on Process Control

Emerson has released Feature Pack 3 for the DeltaV™ Distributed Control System (DCS) to improve process control with added functionality and an improved operations and engineering experience.

To make it easier to bring spectral waveform data directly into the control system, Feature Pack 3 adds support for DeltaV Spectral Process Analytical Technology (PAT). DeltaV Spectral PAT connects spectral analyzers directly to the control system to simplify continuous, closed-loop process verification and control for automated real-time quality release. Manufacturers can now easily handle regulatory management while optimizing facility performance and throughput.

New updates to DeltaV Live will improve the operations and engineering experience in the DeltaV DCS. The DeltaV HMI features improved runtime diagnostics, robustness, and usability. DeltaV Live Graphics Studio and runtime performance operate up to two times faster than in previous versions.

Feature Pack 3 adds DeltaV M-series Zone 2 Remote I/O for increased installation flexibility and easier PLC migrations. DeltaV M-series Zone 2 Remote I/O can be shared amongst several DeltaV controllers for a wider range of applications and increased installation flexibility. It also automatically identifies itself to the control network, eliminating the zero-value time engineers spend creating connections.

DeltaV DCS feature packs are delivered at a regular cadence between major DeltaV releases to help users more quickly realize the project and operational savings that come with new features for their control system software. This flexible approach helps organizations make suitable investments in their systems at the right time and deliver maximum return on investment.

Courtesy of Emerson.

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