Deepwater Riser Invention System is the Latest WOM Technology to Secure Patent Protection

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The US Patent and Trademark Office granted WOM the patent for its Deepwater Riser Intervention System (DRS) with subsea HPU-based electro-hydraulic closed loop control system.

A subsea intervention package should provide a method of isolating and sealing the well in emergency situations. The DRS gives two levels of redundancy for safety through a lower riser package with a subsea hydraulic power unit (HPU) to control the system and a subsea hydraulic closed loop control system that eliminates the need to supply hydraulic pressure and supply from a rig or other source.

The lower riser package includes metal-to-metal sealing gate valves and can be controlled from a rig even after disconnecting the EDP package. WOM’s DRS provides at least three well barriers to cut and seal working strings in fail-safe mode, ensuring a more efficient and environmentally friendly subsea intervention package.

Courtesy of WOM.

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