Danfoss Power Solutions Expands PVG Portfolio with New PVG 48 Proportional Valve

Danfoss Power Solutions has extended its PVG valve portfolio with the addition of PVG 48, a pre-compensated proportional control valve for mobile machinery. Designed for applications requiring flow rates of up to 180 liters per minute (47.6 gallons per minute), PVG 48 provides customers with a right-sized option between the existing PVG 32 and PVG 128 valves. It greatly expands the range of medium-flow capabilities for original equipment manufacturers and distributors globally.

The PVG 48 valve is designed to easily integrate with the existing line of Danfoss Power Solutions’ high-performance proportional valves, including PVG 256, PVG 128, PVG 32, and PVG 16. The modularity of the PVG portfolio enables five valve sizes to be stacked together. This allows hydraulic flow from high to low within the same valve stack, enabling precise and repeatable control and optimizing productivity for customers.

PVG 48 maximizes the power density of the PVG 32 interface. Its compact design also saves space and reduces weight while maximizing performance. The new PVG 48 modules also offer a range of inlets, including PVPM 48 mid-inlet and PVSI 48 with P&T end plates, which can accommodate for the higher pump flow required. The complete PLUS+1® compliant actuator portfolio, as well as most PVG 32 accessories, can be applied to PVG 48, enabling a seamless integration with the pre-compensated valve family.

PVG 48 is designed for use on all typical PVG applications, and has already been successfully applied in agriculture, material handling, and construction machinery, with customers in production. The valve is ideal for machines such as wheel loaders, aerial lifts, and cranes, where flow and controllability are essential.

Courtesy of Danfoss Power Solutions.

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