Colorado water station using SIPOS actuators

Colorado’s East Cherry Creek Valley (ECCV) Water and Sanitation district’s new high service water delivery pump station is incorporating pump and surge anticipation/relief valves supported by SIPOS Aktorik programmable actuators.
Part of the Northern Water Supply Project, the membrane water treatment facility uses reverse osmosis treatment equipment to purify well water. Pipestone Equipment has supplied three sets of pump control valves and two surge anticipation relief valves, with each set including a vertical turbine pump with capacity over 4,000gpm and a 16” ValMatic rubber seated ball valve with SIPOS variable speed actuators.

Pipestone Equipment adopted SIPOS’ actuation technology for valve control installations in 2006. Assured of the actuators’ capability to gradually control water to the pipeline during pump startup and normal shutdown, each actuator has been programmed to operate the ball valve for each project to create a linear acceleration and deceleration of the water during operation.
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