Clippard EGV series electronic poppet valves

Clippard’s EGV Series valves are an electronically piloted version of the GV series valves, ideal for large-flow, low-leak applications. Available in 1/8″ NPT ported and manifold mount, they utilise Clippard 10mm or 15mm valves, and offer numerous voltage and connection options. These 2-way and 3-way valves provide 10 times more flow than Clippard’s MAV series, and 2.5 times more flow than the MJV series. An externally piloted option is available for controlling lower pressures and other media.

Pipe thread manifolds are an economical and efficient choice for grouping pneumatic valves and other components in applications where space is limited. In addition, manifolds help to reduce potential leak points and allow for faster installation with one common air supply and less piping.

These small, compact size, lightweight valves with high flow feature nickel-plated brass and anodised electrodes. They are made of aluminium for long life and corrosion-resistance.

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