Bal Seal expands line to meet oilfield demands

Bal Seal Engineering, Inc., a global provider of custom-engineered sealing, connecting, conducting, and EMI shielding solutions, has expanded its line of spring-energized seals. It now include large diameters – up to 120 in. ID – for slow-speed rotary and reciprocating oilfield applications. The one-piece, large diameter seals offer equipment designers and end users resistance to wear, extrusion, and chemicals. The seals are energized with a Bal Seal Canted Coil Spring, which promotes even wear and prolongs service life. The low-friction, large diameter seals are available in a variety of materials, including polymer-filled PTFE, graphite/glass-filled PTFE and glass-fiber-reinforced PTFE with lubricant, all with an operating range of –450 to +500 F. Graphite-filled PTFE is available with an operating range of –450 to +475 F. The PTFE-based seals are available in sizes up to 120 in. ID; thermoplastics, which can be incorporated into backup designs, are available in sizes up to 94 in. ID. The company says it added the large diameters to its offering in answer to a growing demand for high-performance sealing options in offshore mooring systems, rotary steerables, swivel stacks and other equipment, where the integrity of the fluid path is constantly threatened by some of the world’s most unforgiving conditions.

“For decades, we’ve been working with oilfield OEMs and using our unique sealing technology to help them achieve higher levels of performance and efficiency in pumps, tools and other applications,” says Bal Seal Global Energy Market Manager Jim Harty. “We’re extending that experience, as well as our proven technology, to areas that are positioned for significant growth.”

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