Actuator adjustment advancement from AUMA

A new electronic position transmitter designed to simplify end position adjustments for actuators has been developed by AUMA. The EWG is compatible with its predecessor, the RWG, which ensures rapid replacements and retrofits.

The EWG performs continuous recording of the valve’s current position, and transmission as an analogue 0 – 20 mA or 4 – 20 mA signal to the control system. Inverse operation is also possible. End position adjustment is simple and straightforward, as tools are not required. Valve position detection is contactless and avoids wear.

Should a power failure occur, the EWG reliably recognizes the current valve position, even if the device has been operated via the handwheel during the outage period. Once power supply is restored, a position signal is issued immediately, without the need for renewed setting or reference operation and battery back-up is not required.

Embedded within the electromechanical control unit, the EWG suits all AUMA generation .2 actuators and their predecessors. Supported products include AUMA SA multi-turn actuators, SQ and SG part-turn actuators plus explosion-proof versions such as SAEx, SQEx and SGExC actuators.

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