ACME Cryogenics Develops New Valve Sizes

ACME Cryogenics®, part of OPW Clean Energy Solutions, a leading developer and supplier of fluid-handling equipment and systems for use in clean-energy applications, has completed the development of new 6” and 8” valve sizes for its Model CV Valve product line.

The global investment and growth in hydrogen infrastructure has compelled many companies to develop larger-scale production and storage equipment, which requires larger components.

Therefore, the creation of these new valve sizes in the CV Valve product line are in response to growing customer requests for hydrogen valves with larger bore sizes.

The 6” and 8” valves are available in actuated and manual versions with both featuring a Class 150 pressure rating.

Additionally, ACME is currently working on creating a bellows-sealed option that will be able to handle pressures up to 550 psi, which will make them an optimal choice for hydrogen-handling applications. ACME is also currently developing models that will have 10” and larger bore sizes.

The ACME Model CV valves possess design and operational benefits that make them ideal for the handling of hydrogen, while they are also compatible for use in applications that require the use of a vacuum-jacketed valve and piping system.

Courtesy of Dover Corporation.

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