Velan is Part of a Groundbreaking Research Project

Velan is a key player in a pioneering $4.4 million research effort focused on enhancing the durability of valves crucial to energy, mining, and petrochemical sectors.

The Québec government awarded a grant of nearly $1 million to the Montreal Polytechnique University. The grant is part of a $4.4 million project in collaboration with Velan and other select industry leaders, namely Pratt & Whitney, EssilorLuxotica, and Guardian Glass North America.

Through collective efforts, the team will continue developing new coatings with tailored mechanical properties, offering exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear for critical applications. Velan’s involvement since 2012 positions it as a founding partner, contributing to R&D project definition and priority setting.

The project’s core objective is to optimize materials, reducing sliding wear, lowering friction, and prolonging valve lifespan. Velan is confident that this partnership will continue to drive coating innovation, reshaping valve technology’s future.

Velan looks forward to sharing updates on the progress of this exciting project and its potential impact on our industry. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!

Courtesy of Velan.


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