Valves instrumental in successfully launching satellite

Moog Inc. Space and Defense Group supplied materials, including valves, to the Boeing-built GPS IIF-9 satellite which was atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Medium + 4,2 rocket.
GPS IIF-9 is the ninth of twelve planned Global Positioning System (GPS) Block IIF satellites to support the space-based, worldwide navigation system. The system provides users with highly accurate, three-dimensional position, velocity and timing information 24 hours per day in all weather conditions.
The ULA Delta IV rocket that carried GPS IIF-9 into space includes hardware on the first and second stages. On the first stage Moog provided electrohydraulic (EH) actuators for the ATK solid rocket booster (SRB) GEM60 helium blow down system. It also supplied two pogo suppression valves, one on each core of the vehicle, to suppress oscillations in the ducts carrying liquid oxygen to the rocket engines.
Moog provided the Inlet Valves for the RL10 main upper stage engine and the Control Valves for the Roll Control Module (RCM) Thrusters.
The Boeing GPS IIF-9 satellite is equipped with Moog thruster valves, isolation valves and service valves that contribute to the satellite’s Attitude Control System (ACS). High reliability of the ACS is crucial to ensure correct positioning of the spacecraft for optimal information transmittal to and from the Earth.

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