‘Valve Assist’ torque multiplier

Lockout Tagout, Valve Interlock and Valve Actuation experts Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd have launched an innovative valve lever, torque multiplier device specifically for turning lever operated valves which have become stiff to operate due to arduous service or infrequent operation. Manual lever valves such as Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves and Plug Valves can become difficult to operate after long periods of service. Depending on the nature of the liquids or gases flowing through the valve, infrequent operation can lead to the valve becoming stiff to operate or even seized.
Total Lockout Ltd state that it is relatively common in these situations for the operator to improvise a lever extension to increase the amount of torque to the valve stem which can become bothersome. In addition, excess effort by workers can lead to strain injuries. Moreover, there may be insufficient space to accommodate the lever extension and the increased load could damage the valve as the value of the applied torque is largely unknown.
The ‘Valve Assist’ unit is retrofitted on to the valve, often using the ISO-mounting fixings designed for valve add-ons. The increased drive load is then applied directly and squarely to the valve stem. The torque device provides a multiplication ratio of 5:1, reducing the effort required by the operator by 80%. Furthermore if the torque is applied using a calibrated torque wrench, the input torque is easily quantified. The torque multiplier is fully portable and can be removed and used on any other valve.
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