VAG launches own-medium controlled plunger valve

VAG is launching an innovative control and regulation valve that will be presented for the first time at the IFAT 2014. The own-medium controlled VAG RIKO Plunger Valve combines all the advantages of a plunger valve with those of own-medium controlled actuation.

Until now, it has not been possible to use plunger valves in areas where no electric power or auxiliary sources of energy are available. To fill this gap, VAG has developed an automatic actuator controlled by the medium present in the pipeline and with integrated fail-safe function as a multi-turn actuator. This actuator is also suitable for use with plunger valves. The VAG RIKO Plunger Valve combines all the advantages of a plunger valve, such as functional reliability, control characteristic or cavitation behaviour, with the advantages of an own-medium controlled actuator.

The main components of the actuator include the control circuit with its pilot-operated valve and a proven brake-and-lift unit. The energy necessary for opening the valve comes from the existing upstream pressure. To close the valve, the drop weight, via a piston, presses the water present on the plunger side (own medium) back into the fluid flow of the pipeline. Additionally, the design forces of the drop weight ensure that in the event of a pressure balance the plunger valve reliably moves into closed position.

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