Type 855BP Miniature Back Pressure Regulator

ControlAir is pleased to introduce the new Type 855BP Miniature Back Pressure Regulator. The Type 855BP is a compact relief valve that provides economical, high performance pressure relief with an adjustable set point.  It is a normally closed valve that will remain closed until the inlet pressure exceeds the regulator’s set point.

A typical application for the Type 855BP Miniature Back Pressure Regulator is to provide protection against over pressurization in the downstream portion of a pneumatic system.  In an over pressurization scenario, the air flowing through the Type 855BP can be vented to atmosphere or could be captured and directed to trigger an emergency shut-off valve.

The Type 855BP is capable of relieving at a rate up to 35 scfm (990 Nl/min) and is available in 1/4″ NPT porting. The Type 855BP will handle a 250 psi (17.5 bar) maximum system pressure and offers five setpoint pressure ranges from 0-5 psi (0-0.4 bar), up to 0-100 psi (0-7 bar). The Push-Pull locking knob feature prevents inadvertent pressure adjustment.

Courtesy of ControlAir.

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