Two-way hygienic stainless steel diverter valve

Coperion, with locations in North and South America, recently introduced its new WYK-CIP two-way diverter valve. It is ideally suited for inline material handling of hygienic and difficult-to-handle powders and granular products. This valve can be used in pneumatic conveying systems in order to divert transfer of material to different locations. The fully automatic CIP cleaning design permits complete purging of all product residues after the automatic cleaning process. Due to a retractable rotor assembly, the rotor can be pulled slightly out of the housing towards the rear of the valve, allowing the cleaning solution to rinse all product contact surfaces within the valve. In addition, specialty purge openings in the actuator plate enable an intense rinsing flow and complete discharge of the rinsing effluent. The WYK can be used for installation in conveying lines or in gravity pipes up to 73 psi(g) and operation temperature up to 212°F.

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