Tag: Efficiency

A Practical Approach to LDAR Efficiency Evaluation

As a growing number of oil & gas facilities worldwide implement leak detection and repair (LDAR) plans, owners and the public are interested to understand better their effectiveness, and how total facility leak emission is decreased as a result of LDAR implementation.

Channel Islands Beach Community Creates Efficiency with Operational Transparency

Channel Islands Beach Community Services District (District) provides water, sanitation, and garbage collection services to approximately 10,000 people in the Channel Islands Harbor area.

Celeros Flow Technology on a Mission Help Customers Create a Safer,...

Celeros Flow Technology are embarking on an exciting new chapter in its journey. They have a new mission: to help its customers achieve their energy goals and reduce their carbon footprint in line with their ambition

ExxonMobil pledges to slash greenhouse gas emissions

ExxonMobil (Exxon), a frequent target of climate activists, is pledging to significantly reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

New Model 888VFD Wafer Style Check Valve

The new Model 888VFD Wafer Style Check Valve from New York-based Flomatic Corporation is available in 2” – 4” with a 316 stainless steel guide and seat with EPDM elastomer disc standard, patent pending.