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Understanding DBB, DIB-1 & DIB-2

The answer to what constitutes a double block and bleed arrangement depends on whom you ask. Are we talking about a safety concern regarding maintenance in a pressurized pipeline? Or are we talking about how the valve’s seats behave under pressure?

AS-Schneider Double Block & Bleed Valves PycnoValve

The PycnoValve Design is a compact solution for a density measurement. The PycnoValve is designed for Natural Gas liquids measurement using a Pycnometer and Densitometer to measure the density of the process.

AS-Schneider Double Block & Bleed Valves

The Taurus Series Double Block & Bleed Valves are providing a double isolation function with a Twin Ball Design and a bleed function by different bleed/vent valve designs.

Canadian operator relocates natural gas pipeline

One of Canada’s largest pipeline companies was mandated to relocate a pipeline in an environmentally and politically sensitive area on a tight timetable. The section that required relocation is part of the major 30” natural gas corridor that traverses west to east across Canada, delivering energy to one-third of the nation’s population.