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Asset Integrity Management Systems: Operation and Commissioning Issues on Valves in...

In the pipeline industry, there are different types of corrosion that may occur, under certain conditions. Some of which include galvanic corrosion, alkaline acidic corrosion, and stress-corrosion cracking. There are multiple ways to reduce the risk of corrosion.

Microbial Corrosion: An Explanation of MIC

In many industries today, not enough is known about microbial corrosion, otherwise known as microbiologically-influenced corrosion, or MIC. Reza Javaherdashti, an International Referee on Corrosion Disputes, and a Corrosion Trainer, is an expert on this topic.

Houston Plating & Coatings Celebrates 30 Years

Houston Plating & Coatings (HP&C) is celebrating its 30th anniversary of providing the highest quality corrosion and wear protection services to energy and other equipment manufacturers in a variety of industries across the Southwest and the nation.

Piping Engineering for Complex Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Projects

Mahsa Bakherad began her career in Iran as a Piping Engineer through an internship program. Graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgy Engineering and earning a Masters in Materials Engineering – Corrosion & Protection, Mahsa has gained over a decade of experience working in Oil & Gas and Petrochemical plants. Valve World Americas had the opportunity to meet with Mahsa in Houston, Texas to learn more about her experiences working in Piping Engineering.

Upgraded Valve and Actuation System Keep Los Angelenos Safe

Safety and the need to avoid an environmental catastrophe led Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant, the largest sewage treatment facility in the Los Angeles Metropolitan area, to start repairs in 2016 on a corroded five-mile-long outfall, or pipe, and pump header that release 230 million gallons of treated wastewater into the Pacific Ocean every day. Written by Allen Ruef, Moog Inc.

AUMA actuators pass corrosion tests

A new TÜV certificate has confirmed that Pennsylvania-based AUMA’s electric actuators have passed demanding corrosion protection tests and meet the requirements of EN ISO 12944-6 for corrosivity categories C5-M long (marine, coastal and offshore areas) and C5-I long (industrial areas with high humidity and aggressive atmospheres).

Actuator for underwater use from AUMA

AUMA, which is based in Pennsylvania, has developed a new version of the AUMA SA multi-turn actuator, designed for continuous underwater use.

Rotork’s spur gearboxes

The introduction of the IS21 gearbox adds higher thrust ratings to Rotork’s established range of multi-turn, thrust taking spur gearboxes. Retaining most of the parts from the IS20, the IS21 incorporates a new F60 cast ductile iron thrust base, thrust bearings, spigot ring and output sleeve.

Conval’s clampseal throttling valves

Conval now offers Clampseal® Throttling Valves for severe service applications that require repeatable flow control and dependable shut-off. Throttling valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes through ASME Class 4500.

New 6000 PSI DBBV service valve

An innovative 6000 PSI Double Block & Bleed (DBBV) service valve is the latest offering from Rohrback Cosasco corrosion monitoring solutions. The double block and bleed service valve is safer than a standard service valve and is often mandated by the oil and gas industry or operator policy for improved safety.