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Ball Valves for High-Pressure Hydrogen Applications

Refineries (hydro treatment processes, cracking, etc.) and the chemical industry (ammonia and methanol production, food chemistry, synthesis, etc.) account for the largest share of this usage.

SIL for GEMÜ Ball Valves

The GEMÜ industrial ball valves in the GEMÜ BB02, GEMÜ BB06, GEMÜ BB07 and GEMÜ BB0F series as well as the GEMÜ B20 ball valves are now part of the GEMÜ products that have been assessed according to SIL.

Asahi/America, Inc. Introduces New Manual Ball Valve Limit Switch (J-Switch®)

Asahi/America, Inc., a leader in thermoplastic fluid flow technologies, introduces the new J-Switch® manual limit switch compatible with Asahi/America’s Type-21/21a ball valves and Type-23 Multiport™ ball valves.

SAUNDERS® New Innovative Ball Valve

SAUNDERS® introduces their new Hygienic Ball Valve.

New Hypercentric Ball Valve Just for Critical Application

The energy industry is experiencing an increasing demand for high-integrity and enhances performance valves for specific critical applications and severe services.

Mitigating Emissions in Valve Stem Leaks

Data has recently been presented that suggests that 80% of hazardous fugitive emissions come from ball valve stem leaks. To mitigate the threat of these emissions, several new technologies and devices have been designed.

Introduction to Ball Valves

Ball valves are one of the most common type of valves that can be found in industrial plants. They provide good sealing, can be made from a vast array of materials, and can provide a huge reduction in weight and space requirements when compared to other valve types.

Commissioning Ball Valves Planning Preventative Measures and Post-Installation

Ball valves act as on-off systems intended to control liquid flow.

The Properties of High Temperature Metal-Seated Ball Valves

As many companies and producers of energy are looking toward a cleaner future, solar energy has become a viable alternative to meet industry’s energy needs. To ensure the safe operation of the applications that harness solar energy, the valves used have to meet specific requirements. Valve World Americas had the opportunity to speak with valve expert Scott Moreland to gain more insight on this topic, including what valves are best suited for these applications, and what to expect for the future of the valve market.

Ball Valve Seat Selection for the Refining and Chemical Industry

As a manufacturer of high performance and engineered ball valves, we are often asked about what industry standards affect these products and what should be referenced when specifying and ordering. The answer to that question is not nearly as straightforward as with the gate, globe, and check valves that have historically been the primary go-to valves in refining.