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New GEMÜ BB0F Ball Valve Series

The new ball valves in the GEMÜ BB0F series from valve specialists GEMÜ cover a wide range of applications in the chemical industry thanks to their configuration and the available construction and actuator versions.

Neles™ 6D Ball Valves – Developed to Deliver Performance

The journey of the Neles 6D ball valve to meet latest 25th edition of API 6D took a little more than two years from drawing to reality.

Expro Announces First Contract for Advanced Subsea Technology

Energy services provider Expro has secured a contract with a major operator for the first deployment of its unique and industry-leading single shear and seal high-debris 15K ball valve assembly.

New GEMÜ BB07 3/2-Way Ball Valve

The valve specialist GEMÜ is expanding its product range of industrial ball valves. Due to its multi-functional properties, the newly developed GEMÜ BB07 3/2-way ball valve family is suitable for the most varied areas of application.

The “Mercedes” of Ball Valves for District Heating

With the Monoball KHO, KLINGER Fluid Control is launching a new, even more robust ball valve.

Introduction to Ball Valves

Ball valves are one of the most common type of valves that can be found in industrial plants.

Multiport Ball Valve Solution for Well Injection of Corrosion Inhibitor

An offshore gas production platform in Trinidad & Tobago had an application using multiport ball valves for well injection of corrosion inhibitor. The application called for ten (10) class 2500 trunnion mounted 3-way ball valves in super duplex body and Inconel trim materials.

NIBCO: Ball Valves

Nibco has expanded its line of high-performance ball valves to include 2.5-, 3- and 4-in. sizes of the 585HP-LF and 585HP-66-LF bronze ball valves in solder, threaded, and press end connections.

Ball Valve Seat Selection for Chemical Industry

As a manufacturer of high performance and engineered ball valves, we are often asked about what industry standards affect these products and what should be referenced when specifying and ordering.

Ball Valve Selection Guide: Pros and Cons of Each Ball Valve...

Before selecting an engineered solution for any fluid or gas control application, it is vital to understand the unique application and overall value that each ball valve provides. Ball valves come in a wide variety of styles, materials and actuation types, with each form offering different results.