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Cortec Tests Back Pressure Valve Design

Cortec recently participated at LSU’s PERTT Lab in Baton Rouge in a flow loop test of its new back pressure valve design.

Emerson Launches Pilotless Back Pressure Valve

Emerson has recently launched the Daniel V707 back pressure control valve. This new valve features an adjustable spring that does not require diaphragms or pilots, which makes it ideal for the crude oil industry.Back pressure valves currently available use rubber diaphragms that are prone to wear, leakage, and have pressure limits to operation.

Blacoh Receives US Patent on Hybrid Valve™

Blacoh Fluid Control, global leader in pulsation dampening and fluid control equipment, announced today that it has received US Patent 10,353,409 for its Hybrid Valve™, the world’s first combination pulsation dampener and back pressure valve.