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DeZURIK APCO ASU Combination Air Valves

APCO Single Body Combination Air Valves from DeZURIK can be used for clean or dirty fluids. The venting design provides predictable air flow over with low pressure sealing down to 2 psi.

APCO 60” Swing Check Valves in Pump Station

Four 60” APCO CVS-6000-AC swing check valves are installed at a major metropolitan airport pump station. This pump station directs stormwater away from the airport to protect it against flooding damage during tropical storms.

APCO CSD Slanting Disc Check Valves

The US Navy wanted to replace three slanting (tilting) disc check valves that were installed on a dry dock in a shipyard in the Northwest United States in the World War II era.

APCO ASU Combination Air Valve launched

DeZURIK/APCO/Hilton introduced the APCO ASU Combination Air Valve, an innovative new concept in air valve technology.