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Managing Aging Infrastructure

If you think about it, industrial plants and living organisms share at least two similarities: lifecycle and a complex design.

The Top 10 Issues to be Aware of in Aging Infrastructure

All industrial plants face numerous challenges to operate in a safe and profitable way: costs, competition, raw material quality, regular maintenance, and the list goes on. Aging plants have these very same challenges and a whole other burden – some being age-related and some that are variations of the ‘regular’ challenges.

Inspecting and Managing Aging Infrastructure

As facilities get older, more repairs and replacements are required to keep a plant and its applications operational. Inspection teams are called in to make recommendations on the best steps to move forward, and that is where William Wilson found his niche.

What is Best – Pipe Repair or Replacement?

Aging infrastructure in the waterworks sector is an ongoing problem. The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) provides a four-year report card on the state of our infrastructure, and the water sector in the United States received a grade of “D” on the 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. Clearly, much work is needed to bring our water systems up to par. An Interview with John Lamica - Cobb County- Marietta Water Authority & Cody Snell - Mueller Water Products

How Understanding of Proper Packing Load Has Evolved

Valve packing needs a specific load to create a reliable seal. Over the years the main issue of debate in the industry has been how to apply that load with the best accuracy.

Managing Aging Plants USA accepting abstracts!

The 2018 Managing Aging Plants USA Conference and Exhibition, organized by Stainless Steel World Americas and the Materials Technology Institute (MTI), will be held from November 13th to 14th, 2018 at the newly renovated Royal Sonesta Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas.