Swagelok introduces new process interface valves

Swagelok Company’s new VB05 series process interface valves are designed with increased leak-tight capabilities to deliver greater reliability in applications with fugitive emission reduction standards. Suitable for oil, gas and chemical applications, the VB05 series adheres to the industry recognised Shell MESC SPE 77/300 Tightness Class B standard for reduced fugitive emissions service.

In addition to emission reduction, Swagelok VB05 series process interface valves offers Swagelok’s widely recognised quality and high performance engineering. The VB05 series provides a smooth transition from process to instrumentation systems in a single, compact assembly. Benefits include fewer leak points and reduced size and weight, compared to traditional systems. The VB05 series employs ball valves for primary and secondary isolation and an anti-tamper needle-pattern valve serves as the vent. Other key features include a high-density graphite packing and seals for better resistance to outgassing. The seals comply with Shell MESC SPE 85/2503. The valve body uses an end-entry for its components to reduce size and weight, avoiding welded-over plugs as used on bottom-entry designs.

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