SIPOS’ cost effective reservoir inlet commissions

Widespread adoption of SIPOS Aktorik’s actuators is reported for Emergency Inlet Control Valve (EICV) and Automatic Inlet Control Valve (AICV) commissions for reservoir applications. The latest AICV reservoir installation for the electric actuator manufacturer is at Telarah WPS in Australia, where the actuator is part of a six-stage water supply system upgrade managed by Hunter Water.

Commenting on the appeal of SIPOS’ advanced actuation solution, Weyand Magnaye from Barron GJM, representing SIPOS’ distributor for Australia, said: “In the 1970s, we built reservoir valves ranging from DN1000 to DN1400; the stored energy of these devices was created by huge counterweights. This was a complicated and expensive solution requiring robust and reliable DC latching systems.

“Since the advent of batteries with increased capability, UPS systems and inverter driven actuators from SIPOS we have been able to provide a straightforward and sophisticated option that is also a much more cost-effective solution. With SIPOS actuators we are providing ‘set and forget’ actuation technology which feature single phase inverter capability for ON/OFF modulating duty.”

SIPOS confirms that, with restricted space in reservoir pits, budgets at a premium and valves playing a critical role in water distribution, this EICV/AICV option has widespread appeal. The company reports thousands of installation examples worldwide.

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