Setpoint Integrated Solutions: Exceeding Expectations for 65 Years

Setpoint Integrated Solutions has established itself as a leading expert in the process control industry. Headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Setpoint IS supports the power, refining, and chemical industries with top-of-the-line valve repair services, instrumentation, and process solutions for relief, control, and automated valve equipment. Celebrating 65 years of success, the company understands the importance of following a framework that continually puts customer, client, and employee relationships at the forefront.

Valve World Americas had the pleasure of speaking with Ben Davis, Vice President of Sales of Setpoint Integrated Solutions, to discuss the company’s premium offerings, his investment in building careers, and redefining what it means to be a reliable partner.

By Shopia Ketheeswararajah

Where it all Began

In 1959, Setpoint IS started its journey as Carter Chambers. Later, Desselle-Maggard formed in 1984. The two companies then merged to form DMC – Carter Chambers before rebranding to Setpoint Integrated Solutions in 2014. In 2015, the company expanded its facilities, providing value-added capabilities that include the expansion of Setpoint’s process automation offerings and associated services in additional geographies. “There were a series of acquisitions that led to us rebranding and allowed us to extend our capabilities specifically in Texas,” said Davis. Today, Setpoint IS consists of fourteen locations, serving customers in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Florida panhandle. The company has come a long way from its humble roots.

“Our roots in Louisiana have given us a balance between working hard and having fun; this has been the foundation of our company culture from day one, and it still holds true today,” he said. Today, Setpoint employs over 700 dedicated employees. Despite the company having largescale capabilities, Setpoint still commits to having close knit relationships with both its customers and employees. “When people work with us, we want them to feel like they are working with their friends- I believe doing business with people you enjoy spending time with, and those who reciprocate this desire, cultivates exceptional results,” Davis explained.

Across all locations, the tenure of the employees speaks to the culture they uphold. “We are continuously celebrating work anniversaries of 20, 30, and even 40 years, which is quite unique these days,” he said. During its 65-year history, Setpoint has always harbored the strategy of redefining the traditional approach. “Regardless of the company’s growing capabilities, our customers and employees feel like they can achieve anything with us while still maintaining a close relationship,” shared Davis.

“When people work with us, we want them to feel like they are working with their friends – I believe doing business with people you enjoy spending time with, and those who reciprocate this desire, cultivates exceptional results.”

Creating Significant Strides in the Industry

Setpoint Integrated Solutions stands out in the industrial landscape with its robust OEM partnerships, creating a cornerstone for the company’s success. Collaborating closely with leading OEMs such as Baker Hughes, Clark Reliance, Gestra, Rotork, Flowserve, A-T Controls, Ashcroft, PROTEGO®, Spirax Sarco and many more, Setpoint cultivates access to new innovations on the horizon and solutions for its clientele. “These partnerships not only improve our product offerings, but it is also a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions for any challenge our customers are facing,” added Davis.

The company has experienced strong growth in the past few years. Through its series of strategic acquisitions, OEM partnerships, and organic growth, Setpoint provides premium products and services to all customers across many market segments. “We have a longstanding history with OEMs such as Ashcroft. We have also added additional partnerships with premium OEMs more recently. One example is our new partnership with PROTEGO®,” explained Davis. PROTEGO® is the global leader in the low pressure and safety side of the business.” They fit well with us because we are always working towards providing premium offerings,” Davis said.

PROTEGO®’s strong commitment to research and development compliments Setpoint’s offerings. “This partnership was a crucial decision as we anticipate a continued global push towards net-zero emissions. PROTEGO® being one of the leaders in emissions abatement is going to be critical for many of our customers,” he added.

Many great partnerships with Setpoint have aided in supporting customers across the Gulf Coast. “Typically, a lot of OEM relationships in the isolation valve and automation space are not necessarily exclusive, but being around 65 years, we have built a lot of great relationships with many different OEMS,” he said. Setpoint remains at the forefront of technological advancements, enabling the company to address the evolving market demands while upholding its reputation for excellence in the valve and instrumentation space.

“Over the years we have become experts in the LNG valve and instrumentation space. We provide new products as well as commissioning, on-site services, and ongoing product support.”

Guaranteeing Quality – Product Verticals and Certifications

The company offers product lines within four verticals: pressure relief, control valves, isolation valves and automation, and instrumentation and distributed products. Setpoint carries an impressive array of products that cater to diverse industrial applications with precision and reliability. Specializing in process solutions, the company offers its extensive portfolio with a keen focus on exceeding customer needs. Setpoint’s product offerings are not only top-of-the-line, but it also sets industry benchmarks for performance and durability with unrivaled service capabilities.

Additionally, Setpoint takes pride in its adherence to rigorous certifications and standards, highlighting its unwavering commitment to providing the best solutions possible. “We hold certifications such as ISO 9001 and follow several industry standards such as API, ASME, and ANSI.” These certifications further bolster the company’s position as a trusted partner in the industry and emphasize its ability to be a one-stop solution provider. “Creating close relationships with our OEMs has allowed us to showcase the best products available in the industry. In addition to being certified by the OEMs we represent to repair their products; we also repair our competitors’ products. We want to be a one-stop solution for our customers. We hold more VR stamps than anybody in North America,” he said. There is no doubt that Setpoint is well-equipped to handle their customers’ challenges.

Setpoint developed in-house, proprietary technology to aid the company in managing what it offers. “We have an army of 300 technicians, each of them trained and equipped with a robust certification program. The work of our technicians is managed by software we developed in-house. This software also holds photographs and other details of the work we do to create a database that adds additional value to the relationships that we have built over the years with both our OEM partners and our customers,” added Davis.

Innovations in LNG Project Management

Setpoint IS has also emerged as a pivotal player in the dynamic scene of LNG projects. Leveraging its extensive experiences and expertise to deliver unparalleled support to numerous end user companies, Setpoint has positioned itself at the forefront of ensuring the seamless operation of critical infrastructure in the LNG space. “Over the years we have become experts in the LNG valve and instrumentation space. We provide new products as well as commissioning, on-site services, and ongoing product support,” he added.

Another example of Setpoint’s proactive approach to addressing industry challenges is its management of spare pool valves for its customers. Recognizing the complexities associated with tracking and maintaining spare valves, Setpoint has innovatively stepped in to offer comprehensive solutions. By storing customers’ valves in its facilities, Setpoint takes the responsibility for testing, certifying, and meticulously documenting the equipment’s condition. This tedious approach not only streamlines the process of valve deployment but also instills confidence in clients, knowing that their critical assets are in expert hands. The result is a reduction in downtime and better asset utilization. “The spare pool program has proven instrumental in optimizing operation efficiency and ensuring uninterrupted productivity for many of our customers along the Gulf Coast,” said Davis.

Investing in Employee Development

Setpoint’s investments in both the technologies to run its facilities, and the development of its people are at a pace that is unlikely to be seen elsewhere. “Our shop technicians are provided in-depth training which allows us to develop their capabilities and provide them with a career path while also giving our customers peace of mind that experts are handling their products,” he said. Robust training programs apply for departments across the company, from production coordinators to inside sales, and account managers. Employees at Setpoint are well-trained and everyone has a career path.

“Often, people feel they need to change companies to grow in their careers. At Setpoint, employees receive extensive training and development that allows them mobility in the company. For example, we have many people now in sales or in branch leadership roles that developed their skills first in our shops as technicians. They are product experts that had the opportunity to transition into leadership and sales roles. Everyone has opportunities to develop within the company and our tenure speaks to that,” explained Davis.

Continuing Growth and Innovation

Building upon a legacy of over six decades of success, Setpoint Integrated Solutions is continuing its journey of ongoing growth and innovation. The company saw a pivotal shift in its strategy two years ago, resulting in tactical investments to expand its outside sales staff. “In order to do this successfully, we needed to clearly define our targets and what our growth is going to be. We then hired talented people who would commit to executing that vision to accompany our already dynamic commercial team,” shared Davis.

As Setpoint enters a new era of expansion, its focus remains on deepening relationships with existing customers while expanding its reach across diverse markets. With its comprehensive portfolio of premium products and services, Setpoint is on track to enhance its value and further solidify its position as a trusted partner in various industries. The company aims to further distinguish itself in the LNG space, leveraging its expertise to meet the evolving needs of this sector while exploring new opportunities in areas such as the semiconductor industry, food & beverage, and more.

Setpoint continues to prove its commitment to curating strategic partnerships with key players in the industry and expanding its product verticals to better serve its customers. By continuously evolving and diversifying its portfolio, Setpoint strives to take the position as a leading expert in the industry, delivering exceptional value to its partners, clients, and employees.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the profiled company and may not reflect the position of Valve World Americas.

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