Pneumatics with an energy-efficient design

Pneumatic valves are positioned as close to actuators as possible, because shorter tubing lengths reduce the required compressed air by up to 20%. However, common valves are usually too large and heavy for handling applications. Rexroth’s new-generation compact and lightweight Advanced Valve AV03 valve systems allow engineers to arrange pneumatics decentrally and increase efficiency.
Rexroth has halved the weight of the new valves by using resistant high-performance polymers and reducing the number of parts. As a further plus, the required space has been cut by 45%. The new valve system also fulfils engineers’ demands for customized automation solutions. Manifolds can be configured in increments of 1 after the second valve position with a 25-pin D-sub connection, and after the fourth valve position with 44-pin D-sub and Field bus connections.
The new AV03 can control up to 24 coils with 25-pin D-sub connection, up to 40 coils with 44-pin D-sub connection, and up to 128 coils with Field bus connection. The new valve systems allow up to ten supply plates to implement different pressure zones in a single valve system for higher cost savings. In addition to improving the energy efficiency, the new AV03 also fulfils expectations for simple engineering. Users can connect the valve systems electrically using multiple or fieldbus connections, with integrated I/O modules, depending on their configuration. As the sensors are directly connected to the valve electronics, fewer cables have to be fed back to the control cabinet.
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