Pneumatic pinch valve from Festo

Festo has released a new pneumatic pinch valve, the VZQA, which provides reliable control and shut off in food, drink and chemical production processes. The valves are durable, energy efficient, easy to service and flexible. They can be used as an alternative to convention valves such as a diaphragm and ball valves.
There are two versions of the pinch valve available: A normally open (N/O) version for media pressures from 0–4 bar and a unique, normally closed (N/C) version for media pressures from 0–6 bar. By increasing or decreasing the pilot pressure, the valve’s sealing cartridge opens or shuts off the flow, as appropriate to the version, without any additional actuators and with no risk of blockage.
“The free flow design of the VZQA pinch valves minimises flow resistance, reliably preventing them from becoming blocked or clogged and since they are operated directly via the pilot air signal, they are extremely cost effective,” says Steve Sands, product manager at Festo. “The new valves are available with different connections, housing materials and sealing components for a wide variety of configuration options to suit individual application requirements.”

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