New system to improve response to oil spills

HalenHardy, a US safety equipment manufacturer, has unveiled a new system to improve the response to oil and fuel spills. The team at HalenHardy has discovered a fiber compound that enables the user to store between 400 percent and 1,000 percent more response materials in the same space as traditional spill products.

The material is called Spilltration, which aims to absorb oil/fuel while filtering clean water. The patent-pending SpillBoa sorbent barrier is a 5-inch by 25-foot “flat boom” that coils up into a compact 16″ diameter. Its flat profile aims to allow for more surface contact, which can help each SpillBoa barrier absorb oils/fuels 300 percent to 500 percent faster. SpillBoa barrier also floats on water and is designed to hold back oil spills.

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