New RSe Series Sub-base Mounted Valves

Michigan-based ROSS Controls® has introduced its new RSe Series Sub-base Mounted Valves for safety exhaust (dump) and safe cylinder return applications up to Category-4, PL e.

The safety function of the 3/2 RSe Series valve is to supply compressed air to a machine/system until signalled to shut off and exhaust any pneumatics energy from downstream of the valve. Thus, reducing the hazards associated with the presence of residual pneumatics energy during employee access and/or production-related minor servicing.

The safety function of the 5/2 RSe Series valve is to control the direction of air flow into and out of a double-acting cylinder or other pneumatic actuator for normal operation, and to return the cylinder/actuator to its home “safe” position whenever a fault occurs within the valve.

The new ROSS® RSe Series control-reliable double valves are redundant valves designed for external monitoring to meet the needs and requirements of safe air supply/exhaust (3/2 Valves) and safe cylinder return (5/2 Valves) applications for machinery with pneumatic controls. The RSe Series valves have an overall function of a single solenoid pilot-operated, spring return valve, and incorporate a well-proven spool design for a reliable, rapid response Two PNP proximity sensors are included, one for each valve, to be monitored with an external monitoring system. These valves are offered in port sizes ranging from 1/8” through ½.”

Image courtesy of ROSS Controls®
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