New reversible spring return actuator

Promotion Engineering has released a reversible spring return electric actuator which is  designed for load requirements up to 133”lbs. Industrial electric actuators, they are designed to IP66 standards (conforming to NEMA 4) and are available in two configurations including models designed for On/Off/Jog applications, and models that are designed for On/Off/Jog/ Proportional control applications. Both types have field adjustable speeds ranging from 3 seconds to 120 seconds under power, and a field selectable spring return rate of 3 or 10 seconds. The actuators have auto-switching power supplies that are ready to connect to AC or DC power sources from 24V to 230V. An internal low-power heater is standard. The D2/D3 Series mechanical connections utilize a 12mm double-square drive shaft and include four (4) M4x100mm mounting bolts to solidly attach the actuator to damper frames and valve top works.
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