New Mucon DSV slide gate valve launched

Building on the success of its low-cost SV range of single-flanged slide gate valves, Mucon developed an in-line version for applications requiring a flange connection at the outlet, the Mucon DSV Slide Gate Valve.

The Mucon DSV Slide Gate Valve offers a cost-effective and feature-rich solution for the isolation of gravity fed, free flowing powders or granules, where frequent operation is not a requirement. The slim, lightweight alloy design of the DSV boasts a number of features and benefits. It has a stainless steel slide gate as standard and comes with anti-tamper locking, allowing the user to lock or tag the valve in the closed position. Its externally adjustable slide gate supports and tapered and angled polymer slide supports allow the height of the slide gate to be finitely adjusted to compensate for any wear. It is available with a lightweight pneumatic actuator assembly that can be added as a simple retrofit in just a few minutes or removed to return to a basic hand operation.

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