New Emerson plant will shorten lead times

Emerson Process Management’s newest production facility in Hungary was officially opened on 20th September 2012.

By David Sear & Mark Casey
Located in Székesfehérvár, about an hour’s drive from the capital Budapest, the new plant is geared up for the assembly of Bettis G-Series actuators, especially in larger sizes.
Invited to the opening ceremony, Valve World used the occasion to quiz many of Emerson’s staff about the role of the new factory, the types of actuators being produced, and Emerson’s approach to the market. We were also fortunate to meet and interview one of their clients, as can be seen below.
Emerson cuts lead times
Exclusive Valve World News Report on the opening of Emerson’s newest facility in Hungary.
Eric Saussaye, VP Emerson Process Management Europe GmbH
Eric kindly explained Emerson’s decision to locate the new plant in Hungary and the benefits that will result for customers.
Darren Sheppard, Sales Director – Europe, Valve Automation Business Unit
Interested in Emerson’s business model? Check what Darren Sheppard had to say to some penetrating questions.
Dan Button, President, Valve Automation Business Unit
Asked about the recent EIM integration into the business, Dan Button confirms his interest in acquiring good companies as well as striving for organic growth. He also touched on changes in Emerson’s customer base over the years.
Bert Dommerholt, General Manager Emerson Process Management

The range of actuators that can be produced by Emerson in Hungary was discussed by Bert.
Industry Specialist Carsten Thoegersen, Valve Automation Business Unit
Need to check your fast-acting emergency shut-down systems? Then don’t miss what Industry Expert Carsten Thoegersen has to say about partial stroke testing.
Marc Bieleveldt, Managing Director Doedijns
Doedijns (a Valve Automation Authorized Distributor channel partner) is just one of Emerson’s clients in Europe. Talking to Valve World, Marc Bieleveldt describes what it takes to be a continued success in the valve automation business.
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