McWane opens $28M valve plant in Abu Dhabi

Birmingham, Alabama-headquartered McWane Inc. recently opening its 27th manufacturing facility in Abu Dhabi, at a cost of $28 million USD. The plant will make valve, fittings and plumbing materials. It’s the company’s fifth valve manufacturing plant worldwide.

“We recognize a significant opportunity to manufacture and supply water, sewer and plumbing products for the Middle East and North African regions,” McWane CEO Ruffner Page said in a statement. “It is our next step toward bringing quality McWane products to even more of the world with our new facility in Abu Dhabi, and it’s just the beginning of McWane’s long-term commitment to water distribution infrastructure development across the region.”

About 70 people will work at the Abu Dhabi plant. More than 6,000 people work for McWane worldwide. The Abu Dhabi plant will support McWane brands including Kennedy Valve, Tyler Pipe, and Wade Drains in the Middle East, Africa and Asia

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