KITZ introduces CLESTEC product series

KITZ has launched its “CLESTEC” series of products as a project to start promotion to the eco-car fueling station market, by entering the valve market for hydrogen stations for FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicle) whereas previously KITZ had only partially entered the valve market of compressed natural gas stations in Japan. Manufactured by KITS SCT Corporation and Perrin GmbH the product series will meet the increased global demand anticipated for hydrogen stations and the valve products associated with these stations.
The first Japan-made ball valves for CNG stations are available in three sizes in two and three-way manual and automatic (pneumatic) operation in a total of nine items. Installation of their Compact Spring Return Pneumatic Actuator will be available for shut down purpose. To prevent external leakage and to reduce increasing torque for longer life cycle, the seat structure will have excellent sealing for high pressure hydrogen gas and diamond-like carbon metal seated structure in the trunnion mounted ball valve. With high pressure hydrogen gas, the valves have cleared durability tests of 40,000 cycles.
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