ITT’s fabri-valve handles slurry

ITT Engineered Valves recently introduced the Fabri-Valve® 33 PTD push-through slurry valve. Designed with proprietary technology to meet the harsh demands of light to medium slurry applications, the 33 PTD has out performed other slurry valves used in the industry in both field trials and the laboratory. It is most suitable for copper, gold, silver, or phosphate. Because the handling of slurries causes unplanned downtime which leads to high maintenance costs, ITT engineered the 33 PTD with a proprietary UHMW Gate Support Liner which provides smooth gate operation and alignment while eliminating body wear. The elastomeric seats have been engineered to provide the highest degree of abrasion resistance and chemical compatibility. The valve seats form a pressure boundary allowing for maintenance of gate and actuation while under pressure minimizing downtime. It is also designed with dead end service capability. The push-through seat design is self cleaning and has low discharge. The 33 PTD is available in sizes ranging from 3in through 24in diameter.
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