Isotech launches new Reac linear actuators

Isotech, a supplier of precision linear motion products, has recently added the Reac RE series actuators to their linear actuators and lifting columns product line.
Isotech has expanded its linear actuators and lifting columns product line to include four new models of the Reac RE series actuators, the RE15, RE25, RE35 and RE60. The actuators are compact and vary in capabilities to meet specifications of individual applications.
Isotech’s new actuators have force capabilities ranging from 2,000 to 6,000 newtons (N), and feature multiple voltage capabilities. The RE series actuators from Isotech have a standard stroke ranging from 45 to 300 mm. The actuators also have many feedback options, including encoder, stroke limit switch, and potentiometers.
“The Reac actuators we’ve added to our product line are strong and compact,” said Joe Casillo, president at Isotech, “and their flexibility makes them ideal for applications in the medical, agricultural, and industrial automation industries.” Reac RE series actuators are available from Isotech in RE15, RE25, RE35 and RE60 models.

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