Innovation: maintenance-free NRV

MGA Controls, with product distributors in North America, has recently introduced its Resilient Hinge Check Valve (RHCV), which employs a flexible reinforced disk that works more like a heart valve, as it has no hinge and a soft seal closure. The Val-Matic Swing-Flex non-return valve (NRV) reduces clogging, eliminates slamming, protects the pumps from damage, and can be mounted in a vertical orientation without compromising performance. It will therefore contribute to reduced pump maintenance and re-pumping costs.
The main benefit of this valve is that it requires little or no maintenance in typical raw sewage or sludge handling applications and ensures considerable cost benefits throughout its lifecycle in the form of energy savings, lower valve replacement costs and a considerable reduction of long-term maintenance costs.
According to David Wilson, Managing Director at MGA Controls: “The cost savings that can be achieved through replacing Weight and Lever check valves with a high quality Resilient Hinge Check Valve really are quite considerable. While there may be a small incremental cost at the time of purchasing an RHCV, this cost is often easily absorbed within the first months of deployment due to greatly reduced de-ragging and zero maintenance.”

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