IMI Critical Engineers A Breakthrough In Flashing Solutions

Flashing is a well-known problem in industries that use steam boilers or steam processes. It occurs when the pressure of a fluid passing through a valve is lower than the same substance’s vapour pressure. This causes the fluid to boil – otherwise known as ‘flashing’. It can cause severe erosion and reduce both the operational performance and lifespan of the valve that manages the flow of liquids through the steam process.

While solutions have previously tended to rely on costly extra maintenance and replacing worn-out parts, IMI Critical Engineering has designed a breakthrough engineering solution that prevents the damage in the first place: EroSolve Flashing. This patented solution gives better control over steam processes, making them safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

A dedicated team of engineers at IMI Critical Engineering, led by Project Leader, Jacopo Deglinnocenti, developed the new solution. The solution originated from a problem a manufacturer in the chemical industry was experiencing, where a recurring issue on blow-down valves couldn’t be fixed.

IMI Critical Engineering’s engineers carried out root cause analysis of the problem, which identified flashing issues. Having identified the problem, the team went a step further and decided to apply IMI Critical Engineering’s problem-solving experts to develop a solution. This involved a multi-disciplinary team, working at speed in four separate sprints, allowing them to test assumptions and find the optimal solution.

Courtesy of IMI Critical Engineering.

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