iB Series actuator

Koganei and Humphrey has released its iB Series, which includes the iB Move and the iB Flow. The iB Move is a Linear Stepper Motor Actuator which boasts high speed operation. The iB Flow is a digital flow controller that optimizes the cycle time settings of a cylinder or pneumatic actuator.
The iB Move is suitable for those applications where pneumatic cylinders are insufficient (too slow, too noisy, too dirty, or need acceleration/decal functioning). It utilizes a moving magnet principle (2-phase stepping “Moving Magnet” method is fixed electromagnets (coils) while permanent magnets move) and a direct drive, which does not use a ball screw, belt, or gear, so backlash is avoided.
The iB Flow is a digital pneumatic flow controller, creating an alternative to the traditional “manual” speed controller. The iB Flow features two electronic needle settings, either based on percent open, or based on cylinder extending and retracting times.
Once set, the iB Flow has a safety-lock mechanism, preventing the needle from any adjustment. Plus, its “copy” function allows for setting speeds on multiple cylinders quickly and accurately, thereby reducing machine set-up time. Applications include air cylinder operation time adjustment and precision flow adjustment during vacuum breaking.
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